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" for me is a journey, my camera is my passport, my images are the trips taken.."

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.."for me the camera is a passport allowing me access to places and lives, opening doors often inaccessable to most; a privilged, welcomed and relished trip.With it I become witness,confessor, confidant, and admirer of subject and place...From it,I accept the responsibility of the present and its record for the future.Stealing a moment and holding it forever,as a portal to the future's past, making we photographers, thieves of time."

." I was born in Lyons.France,under a dual-citizenship. Coming to America, living in New York , I became translator for my mother while she struggled to learn English and adopt a different culture. We moved from the city to New Jersey,where our family still has their home giving me a warm me a warm place to work from while in the metropolitan area. My home base is Miami,Florida. It isn't often one can bridge the gap between the two, but the opportunity is one I cherish.

I love to visit France, my second home, taking advantage of strategically placed family in the major cities. My status and fluency allows me to work abroad easily, and I know the country well. Growing up between two languages and cultures sensitized me to the differences between people and countries. It cultivated an appreciation and curiosity about others that often allows me to capture the essence of people’s passions, and has given me an ease in meeting and interacting with people of all levels and backgrounds, both of which are useful tools in my photography. Traveling throughout the US and abroad have honed these skills.

I have never seen the difference between art and photography. For me they are the same as long as you pair the right approach with the right attitude. If that ever changes for me, it will be over.

While yesterday provides me with the knowledge and experience I apply today, it never holds me back from reaching for tomorrow. The best assignments and photographs I have made, have yet to be made.


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With over 25 years of experience in the media field shooting for various publications and commercial clients, he brings his knowledge of lighting and technical skills to the table.

He has worked for agencies and clients frequently traveling in the US and Europe.Taking a break from his profession, he turned his attention to another passion, the kitchen, becomming sous chef and assistant kitchen manager to one of the largest chain restaurants that set the pace for today's Sport bars. He understands food, its language and those who speak it

With his arsenal of experiences, he created Miami Food Photography, but don't let that name mislead you. He also travels using his base in Atlanta and the New York metropolitan area and his reach into Europe via his family throuhout France.

Food and People for both Corporate and the Food business.


Matthew has been my photographer for more than a decade and a half, as I have taken him with me to the various publications where I have worked. He has carried out a number of projects for me including those involving people, food, dining, still shots, products, on-site events and everything in between. Matthew also serves as a stylist for his work - his expertise in styling is as elegant and superb as is his photography.
Matthew has been my inspiration in photography that complements editorials. Whenever I have given him a project I could be certain it would be delivered on time and provide a high attention to detail and professionalism, following the nature of the assignment. I am calling your attention to him due to his superior art . While I do not ordinarily refer someone with such marks, I highly recommend him.
You can reach Matthew Pace at 305-895-0575 or
Best wishes.
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